Globster/trunko - Deep sea creatures found in Dinagat island Philippines

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    A six-metre-long "hairy" sea creature has washed up on the shore of Dinagat Island in the Philippines and people have been questioning what it is.<


    A six-metre-long "hairy" sea creature has washed up on the shore of Dinagat Island in the Philippines and people have been questioning what it is.

    An unidentified creature like this is often known as a "globster" and they've been washing up for years.

    While some people think it might be new species, experts aren't convinced.

    Lucy Babey, head of science and conservation for the animal charity Orca, says it's definitely the carcass of a dead animal - probably a whale.

    "It's definitely a very decomposed sea creature in the later stages of decomposition," she tells Newsbeat.

    "The carcass is about six metres long, but that's obviously not the whole carcass - there's no tail so it would have been bigger than that.

    "That would suggest that it was probably a whale."

    But it could be a manatee'

    "They have numerous whale species in the Philippines such as the blue whale, fin whales and humpback whales as well as smaller whales such as minke whales.

    "But they also have manatees out there, so it could be a manatee.

    "Unfortunately with this animal it is far too decomposed to be able to get a confident identification on what animal it was."

    Whales and manatees aren't hairy though

    She explains that the "hair" you can see in the image is actually more likely to be muscle fibres, where the body has gone quite far along the decomposition process.

    "Other creatures could have sped up the decomposition process, but it looks like a normally decomposing carcass," she says.

    Residents of an island community in the Philippines are baffled by a white, hairy “sea monster-looking blob” that washed up on a beach on Wednesday.

    Images of the two mystery creatures quickly went viral on social media after the car
    According to the aquaculture technologist, it is likely that the carcass was that of a sea cow, based on skin found near the shore,.

    Chua added that there were also previous sightings of sea cows in the area.

    The agriculture office and Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) were examining the carcass and investigating the animal's cause of death as of this waiting.

    Photos of the remains, which were not immediately recognized by residents as that of a marine animal, went viral on social media as netizens speculated on what it was.

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