Horrifying moment tower block in Brazil collapses during huge fire

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    Footage shows the shocking moment a tower block in Sao Paulo, Brazil, collapses with 'residents trapped in rubble' after a massive fire tears through the nine-s


    Footage shows the shocking moment a tower block in Sao Paulo, Brazil, collapses with 'residents trapped in rubble' after a massive fire tears through the nine-storey building.

    Fire-ravaged tower block collapses in Brazil after inferno rips through the building, with trapped residents screaming for help
    An enormous fire ripped through the residential tower block in Sao Paolo, Brazil
    Horrifying footage emerging from the scene showed the tower crumbling
    It is not yet known how many have been injured or killed in the terrifying fire
    The building was reportedly occupied by some of the city's homeless population

    This is the horrifying moment a residential tower block crumbles in on itself in a ball of flames after a huge blaze ripped through the building.

    The catastrophic collapse was caught on camera in the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil as horrified onlookers filmed the unfolding carnage.

    In the clip, posted on Twitter, the nine-story building can be seen smoldering from the blaze with flames licking up the side of the structure from several windows.

    The block then suddenly bursts into a bright ball of fire - before a whole side of the building comes crashing down to earth.

    A number of residents can be seen on the upper floors of the building screaming for help in the clip.

    Authorities say they do not know if there have been any casualties during the collapse - but they warned that it is highly likely.

    Local news outlets reported that the building was occupied by homeless people from the local area.

    Firefighters have launched a desperate effort to find survivors after a tower block in Sao Paulo, Brazil caught fire and collapsed, leaving at least one person dead.

    Witnesses looked on in horror as the building collapsed in a massive fireball after trapped residents were seen on the top floor calling for help.

    The nine-storey building in the city centre was occupied by rough sleepers and a number of people were believed to be trapped in the burning rubble, it was reported.

    At least one person was killed and a number of others were reported missing.

    Local shopkeepers and workers told the Estadao newspaper that the former Federal Police building was nine storeys tall and was occupied by groups of homeless people.

    Flabio Gabia, a receptionist at a nearby hotel which was evacuated, said: "When I went to see what it was, the streets were filled with desperate people.

    "I heard several people shouting."

    The fire department confirmed residents were trapped and some were seen calling for help on the top floor before the tower block collapsed in the early hours of Tuesday.

    The military and a Civil Defence response team have been called in to assist more than 170 firefighters at the site in the Largo do Paissandu district.

    It was believed the fire started on the second or third floor and then spread rapidly to the upper levels, trapping people inside as the inferno gutted the structure.

    Flames also spread to a neighbouring building which had to be evacuated along with other structures, including a hotel, on the same road.

    Frederick Ludwig, a pastor at a church near the fire site, said for years he had warned the city of Sao Paulo about worsening conditions inside the old Federal Police building.

    He told the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper: "There was sewage in the open air in there as well as outbreaks of the dengue mosquito."

    The cause of the fire is under investigation.

    The incident has drawn comparisons online to the Grenfell Tower tragedy in west London.

    The inferno in Kensington last June left 71 people dead.

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